Our Mission

When refugees arrive in the United States, many organizations come together to meet basic needs for their first 3 months. But our founders know more than anyone that holistic and long-lasting community care must extend beyond that.

At WRC, we facilitate the transition for African refugee families to life in the United States by supporting their journey to become self-sufficient and productive members of society, while maintaining their cultural and ethnic identity. Within the refugee community, our work centers on direct services, case management, and mental health programming to provide comprehensive support and community. Within the state, WRC’s work promotes the rights of refugees through advocacy and awareness. 


Our Goals

  • To facilitate the transition for refugee families to life in the United States by helping them become self-sufficient and productive members of American society.

  • To provide a place of community for African refugees to maintain their cultural and ethnic identity as they assimilate to life in the US.

  • To promote gender equality among the refugee community.

  • To advocate for the needs of refugees in the US and serve as a resource for agencies and groups to foster a greater understanding of the refugee community in the state of Rhode Island.


WRC assists and advocates for gender equality by educating and empowering girls and women, particularly those most vulnerable, to participate more fully in the social and economic life of their communities. We focus on women and children because they are the most vulnerable in their own culture and in the resettlement process. Our Women’s Empowerment Group gives women a safe space to de-stress and seek mental health support. The African Manufacturing Project offers sewing training and the opportunity to continue dressing in traditional African clothing.


WRC promotes the development of economic livelihood initiatives. Our “Give a Smile to Your Neighbor” program and our partnership with the Rhode Island Community Food Bank provides cultural food staples that refugees can’t access with food stamps.


WRC strives to see every refugee child receive an education. WRC helps by acting as a liaison between the Department of Education and refugee families to bridge the gap between parents and the school system.


WRC promotes cross-cultural understanding and preservation of their own culture through their own Youth Dance Group.


WRC facilitates mentoring relationships between some refugee families and families already living in Rhode Island to create long-lasting support networks in local communities. The relationship presents a learning opportunity for both families while deepening our sense of community as a whole.