Welcome Program

WRC provides immediate support to families who first arrive in Rhode Island. When refugees are greeted at the airport, they are provided with food from their native country, and receive cleaning supplies, toiletries, other household items, and clothes. WRC also works with Rhode Island resettlement agencies to ensure someone who speaks the language of the refugee welcomes them, is able to answer any questions the family has, and provides any immediate need they may have. Moreover, WRC conducts regular home visits to check on new families while they are settling in. WRC is a resource center aiming to unite and bring people together.


Women's Empowerment Group

With the aim to promote gender equity and empower women, WRC facilitates a weekly peer-to-peer support group for refugee women. The group provides a safe space where the women have the opportunity to speak openly about their experiences and receive information about health, hygiene, safety, American culture, and more. There are also weekly therapy sessions for women who have experienced high levels of trauma.  

African manufacturing project

This project has been a dream of ours since the creation of our organization, and in September 2021, we received the seed money to launch the African Manufacturing Project. Its objectives are to make it possible for the Congolese and African community to dress as they do in Africa, and to create opportunities for women to come together, to work and learn to sew together, and further their empowerment and growth. We thank our donors who have made this project possible. The center has been overwhelmed by the demand and enthusiasm of the community, everyone wants to learn to sew!


Education advocacy Program

WRC works to assist families so that every refugee child is in school and learning. This work entails sensitizing school administrators and teachers on the unique background of refugee children. It also involves educating the parents and children that have newly arrived in the US about the education system, how to enroll, and what expectations there are for children in school. WRC provides ChromeBooks and backpacks for every student from k3 to grade 12 in high school so they can learn technical skills. WRC will also be a student’s advocate with a school if the parents are not in a position to do so because of language or lack of understanding of their child’s rights. Further work includes providing tutoring support to children. Again, we are so thankful to our donors.

Mentor Program

WRC aims to provide each recently settled refugee family with a mentor. This mentor forms a bond with the family and helps them with adapting to the culture, learning the language, and showing them around Providence. WRC's goal is for the mentor to provide support to the refugee family and to be there for them during a stressful time. The mentor program fosters a greater connection between the refugee community and the greater community.


give A smile to your neighbor

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw many of the refugee families in Rhode Island struggle both financially and emotionally. Our newest program, Give a Smile to Your Neighbor, promotes community in difficult times while providing necessary resources to our families. Once per month, we distribute necessities like cultural food, fresh fish, feminine and hygiene products, kids toys, diapers, toiletries, clothes, and much more, all while giving people an opportunity to gather safely outdoors. 

holiday donation Drive

Every year, Women's Refugee Care holds a holiday donation drive. Before the holiday season, we collect gift and clothing donations .gift cards for our newly arrived refugee families to give them hope and happiness. You can also choose to give hope or smile to somebody you don't know . There is more joy in giving.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Lindsey Gray (lgray@womensrefugeecare.org), or Naama Gidron