Response to the Tragic Death of Maniriho-Kira Mubanzi

Women's Refugee Care Statement in Response to the Tragic Death of Our Community Member and Sister, Maniriho-Kira Mubanzi

Thank you all for showing your support for us and for Maniriho’s children in this tragic moment.

Thank you to the State of Rhode Island, Dorcas International Institute, Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment (BRYTE), Women’s Refugee Care volunteers, the African community in Rhode Island, and the general Rhode Island community.

This tragedy has made a wound in our hearts, but your support will help us heal.

Our sister had fled death and persecution in the Congo. She suffered for many years in refugee camps in Uganda.

Once she was here in America, she had hope and tried to fight for her future and for the future of her children, but unfortunately she was savagely murdered by her husband after only living here for two years.

I urge the State of Rhode Island authorities to become more aware of any kind of domestic violence against women, and to make sure we are adequately protected. We don’t want to see this happen again in our community. Thank you so much.


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